How do you charge and how much?
For our regular clients for whom we provide general garden maintenance, we charge an hourly rate of $88.00 including GST for each gardener.

We can provide extra services where required – such as rubbish removal, mulch, pest spray, and products for plant health, etc. This is charged as an extra fee according to quantity needed or rubbish taken for each individual job.

For landscaping jobs and bigger garden tidy-ups we will meet with clients, assess the works required and provide a fixed price quote. See FAQ 3 for more information.

What services does Urban Growth provide for regular garden maintenance?
We have two extremes. We have clients that have absolutely no time to deal with their garden and ask us to do whatever we think needs to be done.

Then, on the other side we have people that love to do gardening themselves but can’t do the harder parts such as trimming tall hedges or carrying heavy pots and getting up ladders. For these clients we work alongside them and take their instructions on what to do next.

If you are in between any of these cases, we would be more than happy to assist you too with your garden needs.

What process is there if I need a quote for a bigger job? Do you charge for the quote?

All of the quotes we provide are complimentary with no obligation.

We will arrange a day to meet you on site, where we will conduct a property survey and discuss with you what needs to be done. We cater to clients who know what they want, others who ask for ideas, and those who dream big. We will offer our opinions if asked, or come up with creative ideas if you would like to do the work yourself.

After consultation, Urban Growth will create a sketch of the proposed design or changes so you can get a visual understanding of what your project involves. We are keen to liaise and discuss any adjustments to the initial sketches until we reach a final design that the client is really happy with.

Once the plan has been finalised, we will provide you with a fixed-price quote. Upon acceptance of your quote, we take a 10% deposit and will initiate the beginnings of work on an agreed date.

How frequently do you need to come to our place for regular maintenance

For our regular clients requiring only garden maintenance, we provide a routine set of scheduled services. The frequency of visits will depend on the season and specific needs of the garden.

During the cooler months from May to September, most plant growth slows. Depending on how much sunlight your garden receives, one visit every month to 45 days will be enough to keep it in tip-top condition. It is also an ideal time to attend to many maintenance chores in the garden. Ie: mulching, pruning, edging etc. This then provides a good start to the growing season for your garden.

The warmer months of October to April are most plants’ major growing season. During these months, an increase of our visits to two services every month to 45 days should be adequate. Initially, we normally do just the mowing, and on the second visit of the month we do the lawns again as well as all the garden maintenance required such as hedges, pruning of shrubs, weeding, etc.

Of course, there are no hard and fast rules! We will do as much or as little as you need us to do. The options described above are only our recommendations to have a great looking garden.

What kind of jobs do you do?
Our bread and butter is the garden maintenance which most clientele know; the mowing, edging, weeding and hedging. However, when it comes to garden maintenance, we can also do; fertilising, treatment of pests affecting the garden, tree work for trees up to 5 meters tall, aerating of lawns, installing and managing irrigation systems, adding mulch or pebbles and removal or addition of plants to the garden.

When it comes to bigger landscaping jobs, we can also do; paving of paths and patios, stump grinding, creating new garden edges with stone or timber, install new or repair existing retaining walls, pressure washing, clean roof gutters and more! We can do almost anything, with the exception of concreting, in your outdoor area.

What is the best time to plant new plants?
Historically, here on the Northern Beaches and the North Shore areas of Sydney, summers are reasonably hot and dry. Therefore, to maximise their growing time prior to this weather, adding plants to your garden at the end of Autumn in either April or May is ideal. New plants will then have the cooler months to establish a stronger root system to better cope with the summer heat.
How frequently should I water my plants?
All plants need water to stay alive. How often you need to water them will vary with the seasons and different plant species.

During the cooler months (May to September) plants slow their growth habits and don’t need as much water. A weekly watering, if there is no rain, is usually sufficient depending on the type of plant, its placement in the garden, and your soil type.

As the weather warms, plants require watering more often to create new shoots and sustain new growth. A rule of thumb would be twice weekly, monitor the results, and adjust your schedule to suit.

If time is limited to undertake these tasks, our team can install an irrigation system which can be controlled through your smartphone, or run by an automated timer.

*IMPORTANT: Please note that the frequencies mentioned above are for in ground gardens. Plants in pots or planter boxes usually require more frequent applications of water, especially during the warmer months.